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Kingklip crumbed in our SCSD panko mix.

IngredientRecipe WeightPack WeightBrand
Panko mix100g100gSCSD
Kingklip1kgWeight specified with orderSCSD
Cooking oil2000ml
Roasted Garlic MayoPreference200gSCSD
Tomato Pickle AioliPreference150gSCSD

Method & Plating

1.  Begin by placing your oil on the heat. Ideally you would like your oil to be at 180C when you are frying your panko crumbed Kingklip.

2.  On a clean chopping board portion your fish into 10 x 100g portions.  (When ordering from SCSD you can specify that you would like your hake portioned.)

3.  Crack open your two eggs and beat until well combined. Sift your flour into a separate bowl with your salt.

4.  Begin by dipping your fish into your seasoned flour mix. Then dip your fish into your egg mixture and lastly into your panko crumbs.

** Chefs tip: When panko crumbing Kingklip it is important to remember the acronym FEP – Flour, Egg, Panko.

5. Once your fish has gone through the FEP process place your fish into your cooking oil and fry for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown.


This Kingklip is best eaten straight away, dipped into our roasted garlic mayo or tomato pickle aioli.

** Chefs Tip: Serve this fish with a fresh salad & roasted potatoes.